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Three days after she leaves Dylan at 5Pointz, she's back in Paris. She should be at work right now considering the hour, but on her first day back, her team lead had stopped by her desk with the suggestion that she take a few days to get over the jet lag and pull herself back together. With pay, of course. She could probably use the vacation after all of that.

She might mostly be a desk agent, but she doesn't need field experience to know they want her out of the office while they decide how long it'll be before she goes out on her own again.

She's not that concerned, really. This is her first great mistake, and they need her research skills. All it really means is that she's getting a few free vacation days, which means she got to sleep in this morning, which means she's a little later than usual in picking up her paper and taking it to her usual spot on the Pont de l'Archevêché.

For the first few pages, it's the paper's normal coversage, and she skims the headlines as she flips through - and then she stops. There, in the dead center of her otherwise perfectly ordinary copy of Libération is the front page of a very old issue of the American Enquirer. In the corner is a picture she knows to be of Lionel Shrike. Next to the picture, in large, block letters, the headline poses a question: "SLAIN MAGICIAN VICTIM OF ANTI-VAMPIRE PLOT?"

Frowning, she flips a page forward, finding the referenced pages of the Enquirer. Farther on shows her paper continues on the other side, but she ignores that for a moment, flipping back to the American paper to actually look it over.
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Who: Alma and Dylan
What: Dylan travels to Paris to check in.

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Who: Alma and Dylan
What: Alma arrives in Las Vegas under pretense of getting Dylan's case notes on the Horsemen. Quality time follows.

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